Friday, September 14, 2012

Starting over...consider this Pepsi Jihad 2.0

So i've been away for a while...a long while but now with my awesome new smart phone it's easier to blog so I am going to he back at it.

First off no i am not muslim, no this blog is not about some jihad (although coke is better than pepsi fwiw) this is a blog to discuss politics, religion and most anything else i find interesting. That said....I'm baaaaack!

Mitt Romney exploits deaths for political gain while president looks presidential

That about sums up this week for me as I watched President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton addressing the gathering at Andrews Air Force Base.

It is sad that the republican candidate for the highest office in the land would seek to exploit a tragedy like this simply because it "fit their narrative". But that's the modern day republican party, no morals and no class.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

All Your Coke Are Belong To Us!!!!

Greetings fellow dissidents and welcome to Pepsi Jihad.
You might be wondering just what the name of this blog means (or maybe you don't) but I'm gonna tell you anyway.
See according to Philip Mudd, a senior official in the FBI's National Security Branch has determined that the domestic U.S. threat is a "Pepsi Jihad". Further according to Washington Post is, and I shit you not dear reader, :

"an outgrowth of extremism he said has spread among young people over the past 15 years and has been popularized by the Internet." "We see in this country on the East Coast, on the West Coast and the center of this country _ kids who have no contact with al-Qaida but who are radicalized by the ideology,"

Now see I fall into this set over the past 15 years because I was a "young person" and have had the internet for most of these 15 years. I guess you'd call me "radicalized" by this administration since I am now a *gasp* Democrat and self avowed liberal as well as a dissenter when it comes to this administration.
And according to dear leader I am just as bad as a terrorist. So there you have it folks, welcome to the Pepsi Jihad I am Abu Mtn Dew and I will be your host.